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Hello, I'm Shane and I started Woodland Tails, my family business, over 2 years ago. I'm based in the heart of the beautiful woodland of Epsom Common- the perfect setting for adventures! I provide dog walking services and home visits in and around Epsom and Ashtead Common. As an animal lover and owner of two beautiful cockapoos, walking and caring for dogs is a dream job for me. I understand how hard it can be to juggle work and life commitments whilst still providing your dog with the care and attention they need. Whether it is an exciting and stimulating woodland adventure or simply a feed and a belly rub at home, you can rely on Woodland Tails to be there for your furry friend when you can't be.


My Services

Group adventure walk (Maximum 4 dogs) £15

Group walks provide your dog with an opportunity to socialise with other dogs whilst exploring beautiful woodland.

Solo adventure walk £22

Individual adventure walks offer your dog one to one attention whilst enjoying one of the many exciting trails of Epsom Common.

Home visit £15

Home visits will provide your pet with company, feeding and toilet breaks as needed.


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